DI-M9103 Intelligent Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detector


    ☆ Address can be set in field.
    ☆ Fault self-diagnostic.
    ☆ Rate of rise and fixed temperature, and fixed temperature programmable
    ☆ Reed switch testing.
    ☆ Output terminal for remote indicator available.
    ☆ Polling LED can be set to OFF
    ☆ UL listed

Technical Specifications

    ☆ Operating voltage: Loop 24VDC(16VDC~28VDC)
    ☆ Operating current:
           Standby current: 0.6mA
           Alarm current:≤1.5mA (without remote indicator)
    ☆ Sensitivity:
           Action Temperature: 57.2℃
           Response rate of rise: 8.3℃/min
    ☆ Operating Environment:
           Temperature: 0℃ ~+37.8℃
           Relative Humidity: 95%, non-condensing
    ☆ Dimensions: Diameter: 100mm Height: 53.3mm (with base)


Download:DI-M9103_DS10104833 Datasheet

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