GST-IFP8 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel



    ☆  8 x Loops (242) capacity (1936) addressable points
    ☆ Modular constructed for future expansion
    ☆ 40 x15 lines LCD Display
    ☆  Up to 999 programmable zones and 140 zones' indication
    ☆  Day and Night Mode
    ☆  Enable and Disable function
    ☆  PAS and Acknowledge Function
    ☆  Dirty Detector Reporting
    ☆  Duplicate Address Checking
    ☆  Walk Test Function with optional silent mode
    ☆  Programmable from PC or Panel
    ☆  History record - 999 fire incident and 999 general events capacity in non-volatile memory
    ☆  Advanced user friendly programming software including ‘Fuzzy Logic’
    ☆  Networkable with GST Intelligent Fire panels up to 240 nodes ( CAN Class B connection )
    ☆  Optional GST-GMC graphic station
    ☆  Optional RS 485 mimic and repeater up to 64
    ☆  Built in Fire Alarm, FPE, Fault and Alarm Router output
    ☆  Panel Printer included
    ☆  Built in Battery Charger
    ☆  Optional protection of re-programming
    ☆  Approved by LPCB

Technical Specifications 

    ☆ Standard: EN54-2, EN54-4
    ☆ Main Input Voltage: 220/230VAC (± 10%) 50/60 Hz
    ☆ Input Current Rating: 1.0A
    ☆ System Operating Voltage: 24 VDC Nominal
    ☆ Loop Capacity: 242- Address per loop
    ☆ Zone Capacity: 999 Zones programmable
    ☆ Outputs (3):
               Fire Routing: 200mA /24Vdc/4.7KΩ EOLR
               F.P.E. Output: 500mA /24Vdc/4.7KΩ EOLR
               Sounder Circuit Output: 1A /24Vdc/4.7KΩ EOLR
    ☆ Dimension: (HWD) 850 x 484 x 191 mm

Model number Description
GST-IFP8 English
GST-IFP8-PT Portuguese
GST-IFP8-HU Hungarian
GST-IFP8-FR French
GST-IFP8-IT Italian
GST-IFP8-SP Spanish
GST-IFP8-TK Turkish
Optional Components
Model number Description
LCIFP8 Dual Loop Card
P-9935 RS232 Communication Card
P-9935ModBus ModBus Communication Card
P-9945RP Repeater Card
P-9945A RS485 Class A Network Card
P-9965 CAN Class B Network Card
P-9965A CAN Class A Network Card


Download:GST-IFP8_DS10104799 Datasheet

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