GST-MP Master Panel

    ☆ GST-MP is the Master Panel of GST voice evacuation system.
    ☆ The GST-MP provides the operating interface, control and audio signals, and supervision to the distributed panels.
    ☆ GST-MP also provides interface to the FACP either by RS232 or dry contact.
    ☆ GST provides two models of basic master panels.
    ☆ GST-MP16 has all basic features with 16 switches/LEDs and 16 inputs for FACP.
    ☆ GST-MP16x is same as GST-MP16 without cabinet.
    ☆ Both GST-MP16 and GST-MP16x does not include the fire phone. You may order the accessories to add fire phone, more switch/LED and input as you desire.


Download:GST-MP Master Panel

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